Student Work VIdeos

Writing with a Camera in Ecuador, Summer II, 2017

Examples of Northeastern University student work done in collaboration with APAK (Asociación de Productores Audiovisuales Kichwas) in Ecuador as part of LATITUDE ZERO, a Dialogue of Civilizations faculty-led program in Ecuador, Summer II 2017 led by Professors Jean Ormaza and David Tamés.

Documentary Gear Production

Seven tips for better smartphone moviemaking

When you’re starting out making videos the best camera is the one you got and these days, most of us carry a smartphone, so it’s the best place to start. Here are seven tips that will get get you off to a good start with smartphone moviemaking.

Documentary Process

Four approaches to structuring micro-documentaries

A micro-documentary differs from a long-form documentary in terms of length, structure, and quite often, purpose. While most long-form documentaries tell a story with a classic three act narrative structure, shorter documentaries require different  strategies for structuring the viewer’s experience. Most often a micro-documentary will be 2 to 3 minutes in length, though some can […]


Set protocol

This is a rough draft of a work-in-progress, please share your comments with me via the contact form on this site. — David Tamés. When you shoot fiction sequences, you will more likely than not work with a crew. Here’s how to coordinate the efforts of your crew to get your shots completed efficiently. The Assistant Director (AD) […]


Microphone Capsule Technology

Microphones used in video production are characterized primarily by their form factor, capsule technology, and pick-up pattern. A microphone may employ one of several technologies for translating vibrating air particles into electrical energy that in turn is fed to your camcorder or sound recorder through the microphone cable. The two most widely used microphone capsule technologies […]

Art Featured Process Writing

Notes on Artist Manifestos

What’s an artist manifesto? An artist manifesto (from the Latin manifestus meaning clear, evident) is a declaration of the perspectives, motives, or intentions of an artist or artistic movement. Sometimes they are written in order to achieve a political goal. Typical themes include freedom of expression, the role of the artist in society, and the […]