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  • Four approaches to structuring micro-documentaries

    Four approaches to structuring micro-documentaries

    A micro-documentary differs from a long-form documentary in terms of length, structure, and quite often, purpose. While most long-form documentaries tell a story with a classic three act narrative structure, shorter documentaries require different  strategies for structuring the viewer’s experience. Most often a micro-documentary will be 2 to 3 minutes in length, though some can […]

  • Notes on Artist Manifestos

    Notes on Artist Manifestos

    What’s an artist manifesto? An artist manifesto (from the Latin manifestus meaning clear, evident) is a declaration of the perspectives, motives, or intentions of an artist or artistic movement. Sometimes they are written in order to achieve a political goal. Typical themes include freedom of expression, the role of the artist in society, and the […]

  • Notes on the interview

    Notes on the interview

    Good interviewing boils down to active listening, empathy, and preparation.

  • Developing and planning your video project

    Developing and planning your video project

    THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT, please send me your comments. There are many approaches to developing your idea and planning how you will produce your video project. Going through the process of producing a brief project plan offers you a means to think through your project, especially in terms of the process you will undertake to bring the project to completion. You don’t want […]