Video Basics

This is the start-page for ARTD 2380 Video Basics, please bookmark this page. Everything you need to read and view for this class may be found by starting at this page.

Standard inline links on this site refer to pages on the site, [www] refers to links on a different site, [pdf] indicates a link to a PDF document, refers to an online video on another site, and [article] and  [e-book] links refer to resources that may be accessed through the Snell Library at Northeastern University.

Syllabus and schedule

Assignment and project descriptions

Required readings

The following are the core readings for this class, you’ll find links to additional readings in the schedule document:

  • Visual Storytelling by Nancy Kalow, Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University, 2011 [pdf]
  • Video Revolutions: On the history of a medium by Michael Z. Newman, Columbia University Press, 2014 [e-book]
  • Making Media: Foundations of Sound and Image Production by Jan Roberts-Breslin, 3rd ed., Focal Press, 2012 [e-book]
  • Critique guide


The following handouts are not intended to be read cover-to-cover, however, you should scan them in order to review essential concepts and terminology covered in class: tutorials

The following tutorials are options, however, they are highly recommended to reinforce the techniques covered in class, the tutorials are modular so you can cover just want you want and skip the rest:

  • Video Foundations: Cameras and Shooting with Anthony Artis (3 hours) [www]
  • Video Production: Location Audio Recording with Anthony Artis (1.5 hours) [www]
  • Video Production: Location Lighting with Anthony Artis (1 hour) [www]
  • Video Foundations: Interviews with Anthony Artis (2 hours) [www]
  • Premiere Pro CC 2019 Essential Training: The Basics with Ashley Kennedy (7.5 hours) [www]

Additional resources

If you want to talk your study of the moving image and video production further, the following resources offer a guide for further study:

  • Video production resources (a curated list)
  • Glossary of Film/Video terminology
  • “Critique,” chapter from Why Art Cannot Be Taught: A Handbook for Art Students by James Elkins, University of Illinois Press, 2001 [e-book]
  • The Critique Handbook by Kendall and Paula Crawford, 2nd ed., Pearson Education, 2009 (on reserve at Snell Library)
  • Sight, Sound, Motion: Applied Media Aesthetics by Herbert Zettl, 2nd edition, Wadsworth Publishing, 1990 (on reserve at Snell Library)

If you have a question about the syllabus, schedule, or any of the resources on this site, please contact me.