Introduction and Personal Learning Goals Assignment Description

This assignment description is also available as a PDF document.


Write an informal essay in which you introduce yourself to me, describe your background as it may be relevant to this class, and set forth your personal learning goals for this class.


There are two reasons for asking you to complete this assignment: 

  • It sets a baseline for your mid-semester and end-of-semester reflections that you will refer back to when you complete these two assignments, and
  • It helps me, as your instructor, to understand your personal learning objectives in order to help you get the most out of the course.


Your essay should respond to the following questions in essay or Q & A format, whichever you prefer, after reading through the syllabus for the course: 

  • What is your major and minor areas of study? What do you like most about them?
  • What was the journey that led you to this class (answer this in any manner you like)?
  • Do you have prior experience in the topics outline in the syllabus? If yes, what have you done? 
  • What do you want to learn the most in context of this class?
  • What media genres and formats do you experience on a regular basis? What do you like about them?
  • Have you been on co-op? If yes, where did you work and what did you learn? What did you like (and not like) about it?
  • Are you looking for a particular co-op in the future? What would you like to do in a future co-op?
  • What would you like to be doing after graduation? Don’t hesitate to paint your dream scenario. 
  • Include anything else you’d like me to know about you.

Deliverable specifications and deadline

Upload a PDF document (no other formats are acceptable) to Blackboard in response to the appropriate assignment prior to the deadline listed in the course schedule.

The document must include a header with your name along with the date. 

As far as formatting, consider using 0.75 inch margins and 1.0 to 1.2 line spacing, double spacing is too much, it’s a legacy of the typewriter era, as is underlining  that should also be avoided, use bold or italics instead, except for URLs (since the convention is to underline them). Extra spacing between paragraphs is a good idea.


This assignment contributes 5% towards your final grade and will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis.

If the document does not comply with the deliverable requirements above and/or I don’t believe you submitted a thoughtful response to the assignment that responds wholeheartedly to the questions outlined above, I will request a revision and the late work penalty will be applied as described in the course syllabus, therefore, I encourage you to get it right the first time.