Video for Sound Project Description

This project description is also available as a PDF Document.


Using the the audio file provided, create a video that incorporates your response to the work through the process of selecting images and then editing them into a cohesive video sequence. You must create original images for this assignment, however, some use of archival materials or found footage is permitted. Your response should be your own work without any collaboration or outside influence, therefore, don’t discuss this assignment with other students until the day of critique (it’s more fun this way). The objective of this assignment is to gain familiarity with the creation, selection, and juxtaposition of images to create meaning using an audio composition as the foundation.

Source materials

The audio file you’ll need for this assignment may be found in the team drive and/or artserver in the “Source Materials” folder and is named “Colin Owens Numbers Station Excerpt.wav” or something along those lines (the file name might change but it will be relatively obvious which file to use).

In the same folder you’ll find a file called “LICENSE.txt” that contains the licensing terms under which this audio file is provided to you. In short, you may not post the video you create with it online or share it with a third-party without prior permission. 


Make sure your Adobe Premiere Pro sequence is 30p which is what we’re using for everything in this class except the Sound for Video assignment. Your video resolution may be 1080p or 4K. 

Listen the audio clip several times to work through your response in the role of a video maker. What images will help you express your interpretation of the work? 

Collect the images you’ll need. You may use some archival footage from sources like, however, there should be a significant amount of original footage used.

Deliverable and deadline

The video file must follow the guidelines and specifications outlined in the “Project Deliverables Specifications” handout. 

Place your video in the “Video for Sound” folder in the “Deliverables” folder in the folder designated for this class on art server or the media server in Shillman Hall before the start of the screening and critique session in class.

Grading rubric

This project contributes 10 points towards your final grade and the evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  • A variety of relevant and evocative images are edited together to comprise a cohesive sequence that represents your response to the material, you should be able to articulate your approach during screening and critique (5 points),
  • Excellence in camerawork with expressive composition, meaningful movement, good exposure, proper white balance, good focus, etc. (3 points), and
  • The video file adheres to the deliverable layout and specifications (2 points).