Course Norms

Here's a starting point for our class community norms. We can revise or add to these norms, please bring up your suggestions in class, and we'll discuss as a group.

How to Work in this Course

  • Communicate consistently
  • Keep a specific schedule, but be flexible
  • Show up to class on time and ready to work
  • Not speaking over people: wait for a pause and then speak, raise your hand during lively discussions, and heed a hand raised and allow that person to speak if you have the floor.
  • Bring a paper notebook and various writing instruments for taking notes during class, and review your notes after every class meeting.
  • Step back/step forward to ensure all voices are heard
  • Make-up missed work as soon as possible

How to Have Productive Discussions

  • Remember, the goal is to help others and yourself
  • Be non-judgmental and constructive 
  • Keep an open mind
  • Ask each other questions
  • Accept other people’s opinions

How to Have Helpful Critiques

  • Be specific and detailed
  • Make criticism constructive
  • Ask questions for clarification
  • Make suggestions based on the media maker's intentions
  • Don’t be rude/mean
  • Avoid blanket praise - no “liking”
  • Follow the guidelines outlined in Notes on critique

How to Learn in General

  • Stay current with the syllabus, weekly modules, the discussion forum, and resources on Canvas. 
  • Stay organized
  • Read through the syllabus and ask questions about anything unclear to you.
  • Ask questions and share knowledge using the discussion forum (for personal matters, contact your instructor directly).
  • Utilize homework activities, handouts, videos, readings, and your notes to prepare for classes, assignments, and production projects.
  • Read the guidelines, specifications, and assessment criteria for assignments and projects carefully.
  • Turn to your peers for feedback and skill-sharing using our discussion forum.
  • Stay healthy and practice self-care, take breaks, and get sufficient sleep.

Specifications Grading

  • Ensure you understand how specifications grading is being implemented in this course.
  • Remember that late work will not receive credit (except under extenuating circumstances). However, incomplete work may be reworked as described in the syllabus.
  • If your project work is evaluated as being incomplete, read through the critique from your peers and instructor to make a plan to revise the work
  • Save your coupons for when you might really need them